The silver scallop shell is made from Fine Silver which is 99.9% pure silver and a recycled material. The Pendant measures 19mm x 20mm and weighs 4.2g.

Scallop shell


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Kondo necklace


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This necklace was designed with Kondo Headdress in mind.

For the Luo people, an ostrich is a bird of great beauty and courage.

Ostrich feathers are worn for many local festivals and celebrations in the Luo community in East Africa. The headdress, which is made of ostrich feathers, is used as a way of charming individuals who encounter the wearer. We have made our own version of this celebratory headdress as a sterling silver necklace.

We added Lapis lazuli and turquoise beads to the Kondo necklace as a representation of Lake victoria.

Lake Victoria, originally called Nalubaale is one of the African Great Lake. The Luo people live close to the lake and fish from it as well.
Elleca is creating jewellery that celebrates African culture. 

Height of pendant 3.5cm
Material – sterling silver


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