red garnet silver shell necklace

Red garnet ammonite shell


Mini twiga

Our mini twiga Tiny Giraffe Necklace is handmade using fine silver and my original giraffe design. Her pretty flowered pattern is highlighted by oxidizing and then buffing her to a soft, brushed finish. The back is stamped with my dragonfly maker's mark and ".999" to signify fine silver. Your choice of sterling silver chain is included.

Labradorite pendulum


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This minimalist Labradorite pendulum necklace is perfect for every day wear. It features a 2cm Labradorite pendant on sterling silver chain.

The necklace you will receive will not be the same type of stone as the one in the photo. Because of the unique nature of the stone, colour and flashing may vary.

Labradorite, which is named after a major discovery in Labrador, is found in volcanic deposits, also known as spectrolite. Its attractive blue and green iridescence, when viewed at certain angles, makes it suitable in jewellery and as a glaze for ceramics.


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