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Rough Yellow quartz ring


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– 925 Sterling Silver

Quartz crystals are used for protection and redirecting energy. Crystal points are available in many forms: A single crystal point is often used in healing. Pointed away, it draws energy off the body. Resonating at the level of an individual’s needs, Clear Quartz can amplify an intent that is programmed into it and can broadcast that energy throughout the world and into the etheric realms. This may accelerate the fulfillment of one’s prayers, intensify healing or spiritual growth, or simply allow the crystal to hold a pattern of energy long and strongly enough for the manifestation of a goal to occur.Because we use only pieces of natural quartz the appearance may vary slightly from those pictured above as every stone is unique.This is a raw and natural quartz crystal made from the earth. It is so unique and beautiful in its form and shape. They say that we are naturally attracted to the crystals that will bring us joy, good energy and healing.No two rings look the same thanks to its natural gemstone beauty and unusual, untreated shape.
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