This Maji Peridot ring was made using organic forms by water casting sterling silver. In ice cold water, the hot liquid silver drops and solidifies into funky and interesting forms like droplets and waves. Every ring is different because the process is free form.

Maji Peridot


Raw Aquamarine Hammered

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Toi et moi Amethyst


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This vibrant colored amethyst toi et moi ( you and me) ring is soooo romantic. Dating back centuries men would have these made as a symbol of two souls becoming one. Set in sterling silver.
Genuine Amethyst toi et moi ring in sterling silver. A minimal and stylish double stone wrap-around ring with a modern, floral design. Great to enhance your office or casual outfit and perfect with an elegant dress.
Gift this delicate, sterling silver stacking  to someone special or as a vibrant treasure to yourself. Capture the essence of Holi with the colourful, healing birthstones that enhance this piece.
Amethyst is a wise stone of protection and healing, giving security to the wearer and encouraging balance.

In Greek, amethyst means “not drunken.” Ancient Greeks and Romans believed this gemstone could ward off the intoxicating powers of Bacchus and keep the wearer clear-headed and quick-witted. They would even add these crystals to their wine goblets in an attempt to keep from getting drunk.


Ring size US size 5.5

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