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Our vision is to empower local artisans with sustainable business opportunities for them to showcase their craftsmanship to the world.

Anita Elleca CEO

Our story

Elleca is passionate about local empowerment. We are incredibly proud to be producing 100% locally-made jewellery. All our craftsmen are Kenyan residents and with each purchase, you are allowing us to continue to provide stable employment. By building sustainable and fulfilling careers. Our hope is to showcase Kenyan talent to the world.

Elleca is a much-loved sustainable Kenyan jewellery brand known for beautiful, everyday jewellery with meaning. At the heart of Elleca lies an adventure, a love for life, a need to explore. Acknowledging that we are all part of something much bigger and that together, we are everything.

We are an ethical, sustainable crystal jewelry store, that collaborates with local artisans in order to make timeless pieces and empower talented youth. Our pieces are made from recycled silver and sustainably sourced crystals. Our aim is to put local artisans on the global market and empower marginalized communities.

We create pieces that are missing from our own jewellery collections and put them in to yours. Each piece is designed to be an extension of your own personal style, wherever you are in the world. Dreamt up in the heart of Africa Nairobi, after launching in 2015 with the name Elle KE, the brand has grown to cult status, fusing a bohemian state of mind with wearable, contemporary jewellery design.

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    I just started my blog a few months ago and discovered this site just two weeks now, and wow…So grateful for you. Thanks for the post. awesome.. Shanna Milt Kinsley

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