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Turquoise Nyatiti Earrings


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Nyatiti meaning queen of the clan.
Traditionally built from Fig and oak tree, this lyre musical instrument is home to the western part of Kenya and It is traditionally played by the Luo people, an ethnic group now situated in Western Kenya, Eastern Uganda and Northern Tanzania  (around Lake Victoria).
They were originally from the Nile River Valley and migrated  down the River Nile to the Lake Victoria region after the Nubian peoples. In Egypt (particularly around the valley) you can find many instruments that date back over 5000 years,

Discover the beauty and culture of Kenya with our unique Nyatiti inspired jewellery! Our Nyatiti earrings feature the symbol of the queen of the clan, a traditional lyre musical instrument used by the Luo people in Western Kenya, Eastern Uganda and Northern Tanzania.

Crafted from high-quality Sterling silver bars, these earrings are designed to resemble the huts of Western Kenya, while the turquoise accents evoke the vibrant waters of Lake Victoria, where the instrument’s strings are made from nylon and plastic fishing lines.

As functional music for the Luo, the nyatiti is traditionally played at weddings and funerals and can be played solo. Our earrings capture the essence of this beautiful instrument and the cultural significance it holds. The dance associated with the nyatiti is called “Goyo Otenga,” which means “Eagle Dance” in Luo, and our earrings pay homage to this tradition with their elegant design.

With dimensions of 5.6 cm for the nyatiti symbol and a total height of 7 cm, these earrings are the perfect way to showcase your appreciation for traditional African instruments and culture. Get your Nyatiti earrings from Elleca and elevate your style to a whole new level!

5.6 cm of nyaniti
7 cm total height

Width 2.8 cm

Additional information

Dimensions 5.6 × 7 cm


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