Piece by Piece

The broken porcelain pendants were meticulously handcrafted in Lamu, Kenya by skilled local artisans. Using traditional techniques passed down through generations, each piece was carefully shaped and polished before being delicately set onto a silver chain. The artisans’ attention to detail and dedication to their craft is reflected in the beauty and uniqueness of each necklace. Through their skilled hands, broken fragments were transformed into wearable works of art, embodying the resilience and creativity of the people of Lamu.

Porcelain collection

We must handle the broken pieces with care, For they hold stories of love and despair. Gather them gently, piece by piece, And let their shattered beauty release.

Each shard, a symbol of strength and grace, A reminder that beauty can come from a broken place. We must not rush to discard what is cracked, For it is through our scars that we become intact.

With patience and love, we can turn pain into art, And create something new from a broken heart. So let us pick up the pieces with reverence and care, And transform them into something precious and rare.

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